Solar Power Packs Off Grid (Stand Alone) Systems


Roof Top Solar Power Packs as per JNNSM-MNRE Guidelines

Arghya Solar provides advanced solar power packs to ensure the continuous power to your premises and other installations. The solar power pack finds wide range of applications in ATMs , Call Centers, Farm Houses, Fuel Pump Stations, Hotels, R&D centers, Software Development Centers, Transmission, Communication Towers and Rural Village Electrification etc.
• Clean, noise free and eco-friendly
• Provides power from 1 KW to  100KW
• Minimal maintenance
• Simple installation
• Will pay back the cost in 5 to 6 years
• Life : 25 to 30 years
• No moving parts and zero maintenance except cleaning of Solar PV panels once in a while
• Systems offered on quality and cost competitive basis
• A 100 KW Capacity Roof Top system could save around 50,000 liters of diesel per year.


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