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Arghya Solar Innovative Systems Pvt.Ltd.   is a system design & engineering company focused in offering solutions in solar technology. It is established by engineering and management professionals having  25 years of combined experience in Solar Technology, specialized in the areas of  R&D, Production, Planning, Quality, Design, Engineering, Project management , Implementation, Installation, Commissioning & Undertaking AMC’s.

Arghya Solar pioneer engineering efforts to offer sourcing and technology solutions in Solar PV Module manufacturing, Solar related power electronics and embedded systems. We also offer large scale solutions for > 1Mw power plants.

  • We offer our clients cost effective total system solutions.
  • Our Strength is honouring commitments and delivering on time and every time with customer centric approach.

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Chandrasekhar B has been in the Solar Industry over a decade of rich experience held position in big companies in Solar Industry as Vice President- Technical, Vice President – Operations & President & CEO, with overall experience of 25 years in technology, R&D, Production, quality, project management and marketing.

Arghya Solar is run by highly experienced professionals from the Solar Industry with combined experience of more than 25 years in technology, production, project implementation and execution under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Chandrasekhar B , President & CEO, who is also one of the founders, has very rich experience in managing the Solar Industries successfully and profitably for the last 25 years with proven track record.


Our core strength is in Solar Technology. We look forward to assist you and your team in redefining energy needs to develop optimal solutions and realize them. So what are you waiting for!    let’s meet 


Chandrasekhar B, President & Chief Executive Officer Contact: arghyasolar@gmail.com


System Design & Engineering Services:

Value Proposition

Arghya Solar Innovative Systems Pvt.Ltd. has a 3-tier value proposition for solar panels and systems as follows:
Reliability and Expertise
Arghya Solar has the benefit of being guided by experts who have been in the business of developing solar modules and systems for over 25 years. These professionals have extensive experience in the areas of manufacturing, design and installation meeting world class standards.
Value for the Money
Arghya Solar provides high quality system and installation for both domestic and industrial purposes. Access Solar offers cost effective solar products adding everlasting value.
Future Promise
Ever since its inception, Arghya Solar has earned credibility and reliability as a key player in the solar energy sector. Its sound financial track record and growth reinforces this image.​

Our Customer centric approach to your solar energy needs will ensure cost effective solutions.


We at Arghya Solar Innovative Systems Pvt.Ltd. are committed to Solar technology helping our clients with their most complex challenges in solar energy and build tailored solutions to help them achieve sustained growth.

​We undertake energy audits by helping our clients on how to save energy and offer the most cost effective solutions to their energy needs.




Arghya Solar Innovative Systems Pvt.Ltd.  is a different type of consulting service. We have some of the best industry experts and offer unique access to specialist expertise, Simulation and Analytical tools.

​We offer   right cost effective innovative and proven technical solutions, while at the same time being based on industry knowledge and bringing key benefits to customers. We believe there is always a solution for any problem.



Our System Design & Engineering services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities.

​We work on solar technology across all industries and geographies. We bring deep, functional expertise, experience to offer optimized and customized solar energy solutions for cost savings.

 “We appreciate the right power solution offered by Arghya Solar for our application and we are quite satisfied for the optimal cost effective solution thus achieving considerable savings to our project.”

M.S.Ram, Project Manager, Grid2Chip